Science Memes

Science Memes

Every day, we will be bringing you our science meme of the day. Each meme will be fun, educational and based on real scientific facts.

We think there’s nothing worse that those terrible, inaccurate science memes which seem to pollute our network streams. This is why we are dedicated to bringing you memes based upon real science for you to share and use online.

Science News

Science News

Each and every day we will be bringing you the latest breaking science news with a twist. Unlike other most resources, we’ll be looking for and delivering news with direct research links for you to review at your leisure. We will provide a direct link to the journal abstracts or full open article papers. We fully support open science here, so we will provide as many full, open access research papers as possible.

Science Videos

Science Videos

Our team loves scanning the internet and watching science related videos. Whether they are fun, educational videos documenting experiments aimed at kids, or full length lectures on astrophysics, we spend a lot of time reviewing all of the best science video content out there.

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This website was created to provide science enthusiasts with a central location for all things science. This includes providing real science news, science memes, videos and products designed to educate and stimulate all science fans out there, from young scientists to professionals working in labs and schools.

Profits made from the sale of products on this website will go back to help fund scientific endeavors. 50% of profits made will go towards supporting scientific and educational causes. The rest of the profits we make will go into website development, labor and other related costs. By shopping with us, you will be supporting real science and helping to better the world.

We will be updating this website daily with breaking science news, memes based on solid science, educational videos and public domain science images. All of our news sources will have direct links to real research papers, so you can read more about any piece of science news you find interesting.

We hope this website will become a fun, interactive and educational place where science fans can hang out and just have a great time learning more about the wonderful world of science.

We are an independent resource.

The Team.


This website is a central hub for all things fun and educational in science. Whether you’re looking for a fun meme based on real science information to share with your friends, or interesting new science facts to blow people’s minds, we’ve got all you could ever need.

Science News

We love learning about all those new advances in science. From theoretical physics to chemistry and computer science, we aim to put up as much new and innovative science news as we can daily.

Each news release will contain a link to the original research abstracts or full open access papers. By providing these links, you will be able to find out more about articles which are of interest to you.

Science Memes

Using infographics and public domain images, we will create new memes which you can easily share with your friends on any social network. All of our memes will contain information which relates to real scientific information. Stop by daily to find the new meme of the day.

Science Videos

From fun science videos for kids to full length lectures from different science disciplines, we will share the best video content available. Whether you’re looking to watch a fun experiment with common household goods, or learn more about a specific topic, you’ll be able to find it here.

Science Gifts

Find the perfect gift for the science lover in your life or even a treat for yourself at our science store.

50% of profits made from shopping with us will be donated to scientific causes and projects. Shop with us today and help support real scientific advancements.

We will be adding products to the store daily, so check in often and find the perfect science treat.

Over the weeks to come, we will be investing our time in building a science community hub on this website. This will act like a mini social network for science fans to come together, make friends and share information. You will be able to build your own profile and add content you find interesting.

We will also be adding forums and groups to this website. This will allow you to meet up and discuss your science interests with other, like minded people.

We aim to make this website as fun and educational as possible.

Our aim is to provide a fun, interactive, educational website for science lovers everywhere. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a professional scientist or a young science enthusiast. We are here to provide you with the latest breaking science news, products, memes and videos for you to share or use for your own purposes.

We are donating 50% of all profits made from the sale of products on this website directly to scientific causes. We will be 100% transparent with regards to our donations, so users can keep track of where a significant percentage of their purchase price goes to.

We are not affiliated with, or owned by any large company. We are an independent resource here to provide science fans with informative and educational content.


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