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This website was created to provide science enthusiasts with a central location for all things science. This includes providing real science news, science memes, videos and products designed to educate and stimulate all science fans out there, from young scientists to professionals working in labs and schools.

Profits made from the sale of products on this website will go back to help fund scientific endeavors. 50% of profits made will go towards supporting scientific and educational causes. The rest of the profits we make will go into website development, labor and other related costs. By shopping with us, you will be supporting real science and helping to better the world.

We will be updating this website daily with breaking science news, memes based on solid science, educational videos and public domain science images. All of our news sources will have direct links to real research papers, so you can read more about any piece of science news you find interesting.

We hope this website will become a fun, interactive and educational place where science fans can hang out and just have a great time learning more about the wonderful world of science.

We are an independent resource.

The Team.