Crash Course Chemistry The Periodic Table

Crash Course Chemistry The Periodic Table

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We all remember sitting in chemistry class while our teacher tried (often in vain) to teach us about the periodic table.

Thanks to the Crash Course, the learning the periodic table is now fun.

This short video will teach you all you need to know.

About the video


Hank gives us a tour of the most important table ever, including the life story of the obsessive man who championed it, Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table of elements is a concise, information-dense catalog of all of the different sorts of atoms in the universe, and it has a wealth of information to tell us if we can learn to read it.


  1. LOVED this video (1st crash course chemistry.). I homeschool my 8 & 10 year old & this year we are doing an intro to chemistry class where we are getting very familiar with the first 18 elements on the table. They watched this episode so enthusiastically & were asking for more. Can’t wait until you post additional segments. Thank you!


    January 15, 2014

  2. Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for your comment. We’re really glad you found the video helpful and your kids loved it. I’ll be posting more of these videos, and other crash courses in different subjects, over the next few weeks.

    Sci Love

    January 17, 2014

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